Watch: A Lion’s Attempt To Tease Rhino Goes Very, Very Wrong

The clip has accumulated more than 31k views on Twitter.

The Internet is flooded with intriguing videos of wild animals that can be thrilling but sometimes hilarious too. One such clip has surfaced on social media that shows a lion teasing a rhino and then instantly running away.

The video, shared by Indian Forest Services (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda on Twitter, features two rhinos who are busy munching some grass. We can also spot two lions just behind their back. While the rhinos mind their business, one of the lions approaches the bigger animal and tries to tease it, despite looking evidently terrified. However, before the rhino turns around, the wild cats quickly flee the spot. “Dialling the wrong number,” the IFS officer joked in the caption.

Since being posted, the clip has accumulated more than 31k views on Twitter and has left users rolling on the floor.

This person has the perfect proverb for the situation. “Could have well turned out to be the case of curiosity that killed the cat,” he wrote.

One wondered if the lions had a bet for daring to bother the rhinos.

For some, the caption added to the fun of the video.

“Dialling the wrong number can be dangerous,” a user wrote.

Some labelled the lions as “inexperienced hunters”.

“No matter what, a cat is a cat,” a viewer said.

Well, this is not the first time that the IFS officer has treated us to some fascinating scenes from the wild. He, earlier, shared a delightful video of two tigers playing at the MP Tiger Foundation. The wild cats, in the clip, are rolling over each other on forested land. “Watching these siblings play in a loop,” the officer wrote in the caption.

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