Watch: 7-Year-Old Works As Zomato Delivery Boy, His Inspirational Story Is Viral

The boy is delivering food on a bicycle.

In an inspiring story, a boy is seen working as a Zomato delivery executive in a video that’s going viral on social media. Rahul Mittal, the person who posted the video on Twitter, claimed that the boy is seven years old, and took to food delivery to support his family after the accident of his father, who also works as a delivery agent for Zomato. The video has so far amassed more than 40,000 views. Twitter users were moved by the determination shown by the boy at such a young age and praised him to stepping forward to fend for his family at the time of crisis.

The nearly 30-second video shows Mr Mittal talking to the boy about why he is doing this. Holding a box of chocolates in one hand, the boy is seen explaining to the Twitter users about his working hours and that he uses a bicycle to deliver food to homes.

“This 7 year boy is doing his father job as his father met with an accident the boy go to school in the morning and after 6 he work as a delivery boy for @zomato we need to motivate the energy of this boy and help his father to get into feet #zomato,” Mr Mittal said in his tweet, tagging the food delivery giant.

The boy told the Twitter user that he cycles door-to-door from 6 pm-11 pm to deliver food after finishing school in morning. Other users got emotional and offered to help the boy.

“Kindly share more details in DM, will take care of his studies and expenditure,” a user said in his tweet. “Imagine if his hardwork, patience, his determination, and helping nature can be diverted to his studies, what good he can do to the society,” said another.

Some users pointed out that it’s a violation of labour law, to which Mr Mittal said that Zomato has come forward to help the family. He also said that the food delivery company will unfreeze the account of the boy’s father once he is ready to resume duty.

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