Typo Or Deliberate? Recruiter’s “Piece Of Crap” Text To Woman Goes Viral

The woman declined the job offer, she announced on Twitter. (Representative Photo)

A woman has claimed that she received a bizarre message from a hiring manager who labelled her a “piece of crap”. She posted the screenshot of the text message received on TikTok, which has divided the internet.

The woman, identified as Jasmine by The Independent, said she posted the video on Saturday. “I applied for a job and this is how they respond back,” the caption of her TikTok video said.

The message in the screenshot read: “Hey Jasmine, I’m just following up on our paperwork appointment from Monday, are you still interested in the position you piece of crap.”

Jasmine had been talking to the recruiter about an opportunity and they sent her a text to see if she was still interested.

Her post about the text message she received has been viewed more than one million times. 

According to Jasmine, the human resources representative blamed the mistake on a typo, but she isn’t buying the excuse. “They really had the nerve to say it was a ‘misspelled word’,” she said in the video, according to New York Post.

In a separate comment, Jasmine said she declined the job offer because of the pay.

Users, however, were not totally convinced with Jasmine’s version of the events. Some of them defended the recruiter.

“I bet they were using voice to text,” a user comments, according to the Post.

“I guarantee you she was using voice to text while driving or working or whatever and something went wrong. There’s no way she was referring to you,” another user said.

One person said: “Gen Z HR be like.”

This is not the first time that such a blunder has been documented on social media. A TikTok user told The Independent last month that he was rejected from a job as a barista after he was copied into a company email by mistake.

In July last year, a woman in the US accidentally received an email from her prospective employer, which described her as “not cute”, according to the Post.

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