Say Hello To Refreshing Salads Made With Summer-Essential Fruits: 5 Recipes Inside

Summer is the time of the year when heat strokes, dehydration, sunburn and loss of appetite become a common feature. The harsh and humid weather outside affects our overall body functioning on the inside. Agreed, the dreaded summer sun is no fun! However, there are always ways to counter its effects and cool down naturally and sustainably. Juicy fruits and vegetables are our best friends during this time. Shakes, juice, and ice creams also play a major role in cooling us down. Talking of fruits, if you tend to get bored of having fruits, try jazzing them up with some fresh and delicious garnishes! Fruit salads are a great way to stay full while also maintaining the health and temperature of our bodies. Summer essential fruits like watermelon, mango, melon, pomegranate and others make up for delicious and interesting summer salads that you can have on repeat. Interested to try them out? Here is a list for you.

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Fruits are delicious and help us stay cool in summers

5 Summer Essential Fruit Salad:

1. Mango Salad: (Our recommendation)

Think of summer and the first fruit to cross your mind is Mango! Yellow, juicy and absolutely delicious, there aren’t many people who do not like the taste of this summer essential fruit. Cut up slices of mango, drizzle with a refreshing dressing made with basil leaves, coriander and olive oil. Serve chilled and enjoy! Click here for the recipe.

2. Jamun Salad:

The dry tanginess of the Jamun fruit may be an acquired taste, but once you learn to love this fruit, it will be your best buddy in this weather! This Jamun salad recipe brings together the juiciness of mangoes with the hydrating power of cucumbers. It’s doused in a light lemon juice and olive oil dressing. Click here for the recipe.

3. Watermelon Salad:

Another must-have in summer, this juicy and cooling fruit is a perfect way to keep your body hydrated throughout the day. The watermelon salad recipe is a bowl of freshness with watermelon balls, lettuce along with pine nuts, tossed with a sweet and tangy dressing of lemon and honey. Click here for the recipe.

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4. Melon Papaya Salad:

The soothing taste of melon is mixed well with spicy and zingy chillies, tomatoes and a lemony dressing. A refreshing and unique take on fruit salads, this recipe calls for an onion and tomato paste for dressing, which is then tossed along with some lemon syrup. Serve chilled for the best results. Click here for the recipe.

5. Citrus Fruit Salad:

A mix of different citrus fruits, this colourful and vibrant salad tastes as good as it looks! You may add or subtract the variety of fruits according to availability and your liking. Toss all fruit cubes in a bowl and garnish with flaky almonds for that crunchy texture, sprinkle some salt and serve chilled! A salad packed with nutritious fruits, delicious flavours and no added calories, what else do we need? Click here for the recipe.

There you go, enjoy summer with these hydrating and cooling fruit salads. Which one will you be trying first? Let us know in the comments below.

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