Rakul Preet Singh’s Weekend Indulgence Includes This Gooey Chocolate Treat

We are all aware of how celebrities prefer to lead a healthy lifestyle. They are constantly torn between enjoying all things healthy and occasionally indulging in a cheat meal. Private chefs, room service, and five-star treatment are all available to them, but sometimes all they crave is a pizza, a burger, or an ice cream. So, it came as no surprise when actress Rakul Preet Singh shared a photo on Instagram Stories of her weekend sweet indulgence. Rakul was seen digging into a bowl of gooey and velvety chocolate ice cream. “It’s self-treat time,” she captioned the post.

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Has Rakul Preet Singh’s chocolate ice cream got you craving? Also, because it’s summer, there’s even more reason to consume a lot of ice cream. So, if you’re looking for a quick way to make chocolate ice cream at home, here are a couple of variations for you.

1) Chocolate Ice Cream

Who doesn’t like chocolate ice cream! It’s something that we can all devour at any time of the day or night, or even to satiate our midnight dessert cravings. It’s one of the most popular ice cream flavours, and it’s easy to make at home. You can rustle up this scrumptious, creamy, and perfectly frozen dessert within an hour.

2) Vegan Chocolate Ice Cream

This creamy and rich vegan chocolate ice cream is sure to stump you. Vegans and omnivores alike will love this ice cream. To make it vegan-friendly, all that you have to do is use almond milk instead of regular milk.

Coming back to Rakul Preet Singh and her culinary exploits, the foodie knows how to enjoy every season in the most delectable way possible. In March, we saw her savouring mango juice. No other experience can beat the joy of relishing mangoes — the season’s favourite — and Rakul, too, knows that well. Sharing a photo of herself holding a glass of mango juice with a smile, she said, “Mango season is here.”

Like most of us, Rakul Preet Singh, too, is fond of one of the best comfort foods of all time — khichdi! In January, when there was a nip in the air, the actress shared a picture of a nutritious and healthy bowl of vegetable khichdi on Instagram Stories, and captioned it, “Khichdi mood”.

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