It’s Getting Extremely Hot. Your Top 5 Tips To Fight The Heatwave

Delhi recorded its 2nd hottest April in 72 years with average temperature of 40.2 degrees Celsius.

An intense heatwave is sweeping most parts of India and it is expected to stretch into early May. The temperatures have risen to dangerous levels as people struggle to keep themselves insulated from the scorching temperatures. 

According to the weather department, Delhi has recorded its second hottest April in the past 72 years with a maximum monthly average of 40.2 degrees Celsius. The heatwave situation is similar in most of central and northern India, with the temperature hitting above 45 degrees in several areas.

Government departments have been working with local agencies to warn people against stepping out unless absolutely necessary. The intense heat can lead to dehydration, heat cramps, dizziness, vomiting, headache, sunburn and even heat stroke. 

To manage your health, here’s what you need to keep in mind this summer.

1. Hydration

Drink sufficient amounts of water regularly. Keeping yourself hydrated is crucial during this time of the year. Try to reduce the consumption of beverages like tea and coffee. Go for summer coolers like lassi, watermelon juice and lemon squash. 

2. Change Eating Habits

Do not eat stale food, avoid refrigerated food. Eat fresh so the body can easily digest the meal. Also, try to stay away from oily and fried food items. You can add cucumber, watermelon, and muskmelon to daily diet. 

3. Take Special Care Of Children

Children need special care during the summer. Make sure that they stay indoors most of the time. Keep changing their clothes at regular intervals.

4. Sunblock/Sunscreen

Always remember that your skin needs extra care when exposed to the sun. Without fail, apply sunscreen or sunblock before stepping out. Those who have oily skin can opt for gel-based sunscreens.

5.Keep A First-Aid Kit

Educate yourself in first-aid response for potential medical emergencies. If you don’t have a first-aid kit, get one.

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