Elon Musk swaps out Twitter’s iconic bird logo for a dog icon – find out the reasoning behind his decision.

Elon Musk : The new icon on Twitter, featuring Kabosu the Shiba Inu who famously inspired the Doge meme, has replaced the platform’s longstanding bird logo at the direction of Elon Musk.

Elon Musk has replaced Twitter’s well-known bird logo with the popular Doge meme, featuring Kabosu the Shiba Inu. This change is visible on Twitter’s loading screen and homepage display picture, where the new logo now appears in place of the previous bird logo.

Twitter logo undergoes transformation under Elon Musk’s direction.

Elon Musk took to Twitter to announce the new logo, sharing a screenshot of a conversation with user @WSBChairman, in which he suggested buying Twitter and changing the bird logo to Doge. Musk responded positively to the idea, replying ‘Haha that would sick’ along with the caption ‘as promised’.

Some have speculated that the logo change could have been a belated April Fools’ prank, but others believe it may have more significance. In any case, the stunt caused a 10% increase in the value of Dogecoin cryptocurrency, though it remains below its peak price from May 2021. It’s worth noting that Elon Musk is currently facing a $258 million racketeering lawsuit that alleges he promoted Dogecoin as part of a pyramid scheme.

Fresh logo design accompanied by updated checkmarks.

Additionally, Musk revealed that as of April 1, all legacy accounts on the platform will lose their blue checkmarks. Though many users have already seen their verification symbols disappear, apparently Musk’s team lacks sufficient manpower to expedite the process.

Elon Musk’s decision to update Twitter’s logo with the Doge meme has certainly caused a stir on the platform, with many users taking notice of the change. As always, Musk’s social media moves continue to captivate audiences and spark conversation.

The surge in Dogecoin’s value following the logo update also indicates Musk’s influence on the cryptocurrency market. However, the move may have broader implications for Twitter’s brand identity and the future direction of the platform. Only time will tell how this decision will play out in the long run.

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