“Built In Gyroscope In Body”: Anand Mahindra Posts Video Of “Human Segway”

The man is seen navigating the turns on road effortlessly.

Industrialist Anand Mahindra gave thumbs up to the video of a young man on Twitter, who is seen holding a bunch of clothes on his head using his hands while riding a bicycle. The video was originally posted by Prafull MBA Chai Wala, who describes himself as an angel investor on Twitter.

Commenting on the video, Mahindra said: “This man is a human Segway, with a built in gyroscope in his body! Incredible sense of balance. What pains me, however, is that there are so many like him in our country who could be talented gymnasts/sportspersons but simply don’t get spotted or trained…”

The video shows the young man pedalling through a narrow road near a village and navigating the turns effortlessly without using his hands. All his focus is on holding the bundle of clothes.

The video has been shot from inside a vehicle that is following the young man. The video ends abruptly when the man on the bicycle leaves the road and takes a turn towards the village.

Twitter users appreciated the efforts of the young bicycle rider, with some of them saying it reminds them their own childhood.

“We Have to Explore Village’s to Find The Hidden Gems,” a user tweeted.

“Also, what I see is that the road is so good that he can balance himself easily (ofc with talent) on the curves without worrying about potholes. I have never seen such roads when I was a kid… India is changing.. For good,” said another.

The video has been viewed nearly 4 lakh times since being posted on Twitter.

Prafull, who originally posted the video, expressed his gratitude by posting a “thank you” (hands folded) emoji.

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