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Staying healthy has become more important than ever, especially during this ongoing pandemic situation. So, it is important to start working out to stay healthy and fit. Smartphones today are much more than just a device for calling, listening to music or playing games, they can also help you track and achieve your fitness goals as well.
Today is World Health Day and on this day we will tell you five fitness apps that can help you drive your fitness goals. Check them out.
Google Fit Activity Tracking: Available on Android and iOS
Google Fit is one of the highly-rated fitness apps available on mobile devices. It offers multiple health tracking features such as real-time stats for runs, walks and bike rides. In addition to that, it also helps users create goals and achieve them.
Samsung Health: Available on both Android and iOS
Samsung Health is also among the most feature-rich fitness and health apps available. The company explains the apps as ‘Lifestyle companion’ to track fitness, weight, diet, food and sleep. The app offers multiple custom made training programs and offers to track for multiple activities like sleep, cycling, swimming, etc.
HealthifyMe: Available on Android and iOS
HealthifyMe is a health and fitness app that offers the option of weight loss plans and personal trainers. The app can also integrate with Samsung Health and Google Fit to work on smartwatches and fitness trackers. In addition to that, it also includes home workout videos, full-body workouts and more.
LifeSum Healthy Eating & Diet: Available on Android and iOS
LifeSum is an app for healthy eating and diet. The app offers diet tracking, healthy recipes and calorie counters. In addition to that, the app also includes fasting plans and more.
Strava tracker Record running cycling & swimming: Available on Android and iOS
Strava is another one of the top-rated fitness tracking apps on app stores. The app provides fitness tracking for cycling, and running and allows users to record activities and track distance.

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