African Men Try Pizza For The First Time; Their Hilarious Reaction Has People In Splits

Nowadays, the world’s knowledge is at our doorsteps! With just a click of a button, you can try recipes from Italy, interact with like-minded foodies from Africa and even learn from chefs in Japan. Thanks to the internet, we have been able to connect with the whole world! We are exposed to mind-blowing content that piques our interests! Recently, a video of African men trying out a different cuisine has surfaced on the internet and the amusing video has everybody in splits. It is heart-warming to see people try out different cuisines and the reactions these men gave were hilarious.

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A group of men from the African tribe of Maasai tried out pizza for the first time! The warriors of the Maasai tribe, also known as @maasaiboys on Instagram and YouTube, decided to record their first-time experience of eating pizza and the moments they captured are just adorable. Take a look at the video they uploaded on YouTube:

In the video, we see the men try out pizza for the first time and their reactions were hilarious! When the pizza arrives first, one of them took the entire pizza pie and tried to take a bite from it, rather than wait for it to be cut into slices. The pizza tasted like ‘ugali’, a traditional east African delicacy. Another member of the group noted that “the pizza, is good”. They even uploaded a reel on Instagram which has over 30.5k views and 1.6k likes:

Here’s what people commented about this video:

“I definitely want to see more videos of these guys trying more foods!”

“We LOVE you trying pizza!!! Here to witness your IG blow up with love!!”

“So you have to tell us: do you prefer the Italian pizza or the Zanzibar pizza???”

“My guy picked up the entire pie and went in.”

“I just had pizza, now you guys are making me hungry for more pizza”

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